The war brought out in Spencer Chapman, every resource, quality and determination he had developed in his life. His book titled 'The Jungle is Neutral', recounts his Malayan adventures and attests to his overriding love of nature and wildlife that had kept him going. For sheer courage and endurance, physical and mental, the officer-naturalist was an example of 'what toughness the body will find, if the spirit within it is tough'.

In 1945, British Colonel, Spencer Chapman, crossed enemy lines and made his escape following more than 3 years in hiding from the occupying Japanese army. Through sheer tenacity and unrelenting will, he swam across Emerald Bay and made his way to safety.

An ode to the unbreakable strength within the human spirit, The Chapman’s Challenge returns for its second year. Consisting of a 3.8km road run around the island and 2.4km through untouched rainforest, the race culminates with a 1km swim in the sea of Emerald Bay before concluding at Chapman’s Bar.

However, instead of lying in wait for a submarine like the British commando did, refreshments and drinks will be served with our compliments for your achievements.

In the evening, join the rest of the participants at Chapman's Bar for pre-dinner cocktails. As the beach is bathed in the golden hues of the setting sun, enjoy a sumptuous barbecue dinner at Emerald Bay, prepared for you and your comrades to celebrate your achievements.

Finishing time of all participants will be recorded and the top 5 finishers will have their names on the scoreboard at Chapman’s Bar. The top three winners stand to win exciting stays at luxury properties within YTL Hotels' global portfolio.

The Chapman’s Challenge 2017 will be held on the weekend of 12th to 14th May 2017. Registration opens from now until 10th April 2017. Please make your reservations here.

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1 Rikigoro Shinozuka 14.5.2016 00:47:18
2 Irene Chong See Win 14.5.2016 00:56:44
3 Luke Hurford 14.5.2016 00:57:09
4 Stephen Spencer Chapman 14.5.2016 01:00:00
5 Hazel Spencer Chapman 14.5.2016 01:00:21
6 Jamie Mieras 14.5.2016 01:00:29
7 Adam Chase 14.5.2016 01:03:03
8 Ross Sanders 14.5.2016 01:10:59
9 Hew Cun Kiong 14.5.2016 01:14:00
10 Jeyendran Navaratnam 14.5.2016 01:14:00

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